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Rain-Rain go away please come back another day

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

Tile flooring covered in yellow mud Mud in Monroe County Church

A local church suffered a water loss caused by run off from an excavation site. An area above the church was being excavated and an unexpected rain storm hit one morning before the ground could be sloped and re-seeded properly. Without trees and other vegetation in place the topsoil was not shielded from the force of the rain and flowed rapidly and easily down the slope towards the facility.

As soon as the damage was noticed, SERVPRO of Beckley was contacted to begin mitigation. Numerous rooms including a kitchen and the gymnasium took several days to extract, dry, clean, and treat. Thankfully they received just the run-off of water and mud and no major damage to the exterior of the building that could have happened had a large landslide ensued.

Drastic temperature changes caused damage to a Condo at a Ski Resort

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment placed in the hallway on top of the sub-flooring Dehumidifier and Air movers are setup to dry one area of this condo at Snowshoe.

On Monday January 21st the temperature at Snowshoe Resort averaged 13 degrees which is typical for this Ski Resort. Non-typically 4 days later on Thursday, the average rose to 51 degrees accompanied with rain. The sudden warming and rain turned the snow on a rooftop into slush that created a drain blockage similar to an Ice dam.

The water that backed up behind the slush leaked into a vacation rental causing damage to the ceiling, insulation, walls, and floors. After tearing out wet drywall, insulation, and flooring the equipment was set up and monitored until the drying was completed.   

The owner of the condo was concerned that he would not be able to get all the work done before Ski season was over and he would lose revenue until the following season. After we finished, his contractor immediately started the rebuild and he was able to rent out the condo much quicker than expected.

Safety Tips for Commercial Building Owners:

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Strip Mall in Beaver Mall Strip Mall in Beaver WV houses a variety of businesses including an Antique Store.

Owning commercial property can be financially rewarding but you must stay on top of the maintenance to protect your building and tenants. Hire a dependable maintenance company or supervisor that will do inspections on a regular basis for each unit you own. Provide them with a detailed list that includes intervals of the things you require them to inspect.

The inspections are primarily done to protect your investment but also will ensure your facility will pass State, County, or City building inspections. Check with your local authority for a listing that will more than likely include:

Both the Fire Alarm and Sprinkler systems must be tested and serviced annually.

Fire Extinguishers are visible and are not expired.

Circuit breaker panels and junction boxes aren’t covered.

Exit doors are easily accessible and emergency lights are working properly.

Walkways especially stairways are not obstructed

Lightning Safety

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Photo showing that lightning travels the ground after it strikes a tree

Most all of us have known the lesson “STOP, DROP, and ROLL” if our clothing is on fire and the “TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN” to stop us from driving through high water.  Do you know the lesson for Thunder and Lightning?


Do not wait to go indoors until it rains as lightning may strike as far as 10 miles away from rainfall. You are in danger once you hear thunder.  Always take shelter in an enclosed building or hard-top automobile with all windows closed. Tractors, motorcycles, golf carts, or bicycles are NOT considered shelter.

Avoid the following once you are sheltered:

                Windows, Doors, Porches, Gazebos

                Concrete walls or floors

                Plumbing – do not wash your hands, bath or shower, wash dishes or laundry

                Corded phones, electrical cords or equipment, any device connected to an outlet

If you are caught outside crouch in the open field as far from trees as possible and do not hold any metal items such as fishing poles, golf clubs, umbrellas, tools, etc.

How are Hurricanes Named?

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season-June 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019

The World Meteorological Organization began a strict procedure in the naming of Hurricanes and tropical storms in 1953. Prior to this the storms were tracked by year and order but often storm advisories broadcast from radio stations were incorrect causing a lot of false rumors and confusion. NOAA states “Over time, it was learned that use of short, easily remembered names in written as well as spoken communication is quicker and reduces confusion when two or more tropical storms occur at the same time”.

Only female names were used from 1953 thru 1977 then male names were added to the list in 1978 and 1979. There are 6 list and the names are used on a six-year rotation, meaning the following 2019 names to identify storms will be used again in the 2025 season (unless they are retired from the list). 























The Greek Alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and so on) will be used if more storms occur than names on the list.

Labor Day is Monday September 2, 2019.

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Homeowner's Summer Holiday Weekend get-away is cut short due to an electrical fire in their home in Pineville WV

Our last long weekend to enjoy what is left of our 2019 summer is almost here. Residents of Southern West Virginia are planning trips to the beach, river, amusement parks, or maybe visiting family or friends for a Cook-Out.

Before you rush out the door to start your trip be sure to check that your home is safe from any fire hazards:

  • Kitchen range and oven have been turned off
  • Items are stored away from your Gas appliances
  • Dryer is not in use
  • Ceiling Fans are off
  • Small Kitchen appliances are unplugged (toasters, coffee maker, can openers)
  • Candles have been extinguished
  • Items are stored away from your Gas appliances
  • Unplug curling iron, hair dryer, iron, chargers, televisions, computers, and printers – all unnecessary electrical devices

Taking a few extra minutes to protect your home from a fire by taking these precautions can actually make your trip less stressful.

We do more than you may know

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Boxes of Contents in Storage after fire damage in Oak Hill, WV

Water, Fire, Mold, or Storm no matter what damage happens to your property, SERVPRO of Beckley can assist in more ways than most realize. SERVPRO not only takes care of structure damage we also take care or your contents. We have years of experience and the technology to determine if contents are salvageable, non-salvageable and questionable.

For the contents that are non-salvageable we haul them away or we schedule to have a dumpster brought on site. The property owner doesn’t have to worry about getting the dumpster there or getting it removed we make the arrangements for you.  

If salvageable and questionable items cannot be cleaned and stored on site, our team will be move them into Storage until they can be cleaned and later returned to your property. SERVPRO does from packing, moving, cleaning, storage, to moving back, unpacking and placement back into your property – you do not have to worry about any of these processes.

We are not Alone

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

Disaster Recovery Team

Beckley and surrounding areas are not very populated in comparison to other larger cities. Because of this, sometimes it is difficult to find help in the immediate area to service larger commercial property or apartment buildings.  In the event of a fire or water loss we are here to help no matter the size of the job.

If you suffer a large loss, don’t hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Beckley for help. When we arrive on the scene within just a few minutes we can recognize when a job is bigger than our crew can handle alone. So we will immediately reach out for help from other SERVPRO Franchises to join us in getting your damages taken care of promptly.

SERVPRO’s across the US and Canada work on many projects together. Being independently owned and operated doesn’t mean we won’t lend a hand to other Franchise owners. We know we can rely on each other when needed.

We didn't expect to see this

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Dishwasher hose outlet in a Summersville apartment destroyed by a mouse.

SERVPRO of Beckley has seen a lot of water damage from different sources. From plumbing problems, natural disasters, HVAC’s, and appliance malfunctions just to name a few. Occasionally we have some jobs that are definitely not your typical damage.

A property manager at an apartment complex near Summersville contacted us for water damage repairs. They told us there was a problem with a dishwasher that had malfunctioned. We arrived on site and began to remove the dishwasher but discovered that the appliance wasn’t the cause!

Keep in mind that a lot of people in WV live in the country. To enjoy the peace and quiet we have to be willing to occasionally deal with those pesky field mice that may leave the field and get inside our homes. What we found the cause of the leak to be was that a mouse had chewed small holes through the hose outlet.

Water mitigation was performed, hose outlet replaced, and the dishwasher was re-installed after the re-construction was completed. 

Look at the before and after pictures “Mitigation AND Reconstruction job performed at Summersville apartment” for the beginning and end of this water job


7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Lindside WV

Are you a Business Owner and have a large facility? Do you ever “worry” about how a fire or water damage may impact your business? If you haven’t, it may be time to “think” about how fast you get your doors back open, your employees back to work, and business back to normal.  Lost revenue for an extended period of time can be detrimental to any industry.

Damages such as these happen every day to a business in the US.  But business owners in Southern West Virginia don’t have to “worry” about it just “plan” for it. By letting SERVPRO of Beckley prepare an Emergency Ready Profile this can be your first step to turn “Worry” into “a Plan”.

We offer this unique service FREE OF COST. Why? Because we too are a locally owned and operated business in your community. We know how important it is to keep other businesses in our area open so our neighbors have a means of supporting their families while staying in our Wild and Wonderful State of WV.

Don’t wait until disaster hits – call us today