Water Damage Photo Gallery

Prompt Professional Service is a MUST

If you are ever faced with water intrusion we encourage you to contact us promptly to do the removal and dehumidification. You may think you have extracted all the water and everything is dry but beware of what may be growing in places you can’t see.  

Let the professional’s with the knowledge, equipment and right cleaning products protect your property from further damage.

Water main break floods business

This picture was taken once the water was extracted and the tile floors removed. An anti-microbial agent is being applied to a concrete floor after a water main break completely flooded the first floor in this building.

Tank burst while the family is out of town

This toilet tank in the 3rd story bathroom broke while the family was out of town for a weekend.

Thousands of gallons of water spilled into every level of this three story home.

The mirror reflects the water damage in the carpet

Our Marketing representative was humiliated when she had to call in her own team members to mitigate a water damage. She knew the risk of a faulty water heater but failed to check on it periodically. 

Meter-Meter on the wall where's the wettest of them all?

We are checking the moisture content of the drywall.  The carpet and pad were saturated and pulled immediately. The drywall was tested at various heights to determine the amount of drywall to be cut out.

Heading to a commercial water loss

Early one morning our vehicles were lined up heading in the same direction to a commercial water loss. Well, except Rick in the Chevrolet truck - Rick gets a little turned around sometimes.

Water Damage in Snowbird's Home

One of our elderly residents spent the winter in warmer Florida as she has done for years. She returned home to find her residence saturated.

The normal moisture content for drywall should be 8 – 10 you can see her wall read 78.1 when we arrived.