Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hail may cause danger to homes

After a Hail Storm don’t just worry about your vehicle you need to examine your home as well.

Hail can cause roof damage and may go unnoticed until days later when water marks appear on your inside ceilings and walls.

Windows and door glass can crack or break allowing moisture inside your home.

Raging Waters in Richwood, WV

May 2018 thunderstorms brought rivers, creeks and even the smallest streams to flood stages in several towns throughout West Virginia and Virginia.

Property owners that had never experienced flooding issues before now have a better understanding of the devastation water can cause.

High Winds Uproot Tree

During a storm that brought high winds a tree was uprooted and fell on this home.  A hole was pierced in the roof by one of the tree branches. Rain poured into the attic and puddled in the ceiling of this room.

Floor covered with mud and water from storm runoff

The first employee to walk into work on Monday morning was stunned to see mud and water all over the office. It happened after a severe thunderstorm accompanied with a tremendous amount of precipitation hit our area over the weekend.

When up comes down

Imagine getting up in the morning to get ready for work and you open your closet door to find the ceiling on the floor! This was caused by a water pipe that froze during the 2018 Ice Storm.

Tornadoes surprise small WV town in 2014

This house was surrounded by fallen trees but only one fell on it during a rare tornado in Southern West Virginia. The homeowner had minimal damage to her structure but suffered a massive loss of timber.

Game Room turned into a Wade Room overnight

This winter as residents began to somewhat relax from extreme cold weather if you listened closely you could hear the sighs of relief.

Then the snow began to fall but we were able to measure in inches not feet, again sighs of relief. 

Then, BOOM!, the temperatures rose and the rains came. Our ground became saturated and the water intrusions began.  

Bitter Storm = Property Damage

Mother Nature brought below average temperatures to Southern WV in early 2018.  It seemed that water pipes were freezing and bursting inside of homes no matter how well they were insulated.

This is a pocket of water between the drywall and the paint that formed after a pipe burst upstairs.