Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A quite summer evening turns into devastation

This fire was started by a candle. The home owner stepped inside to answer the phone but failed to return back to the deck to extinguish the flame. The candle toppled from a table outside to the wooden deck.

Exhaust Fan Ignites

This is the view thru the roof in a bathroom after an exhaust fan caught fire. The insurance adjuster classified the cause as an “electrical malfunction”.   Luckily the house was saved and no injuries were reported.

Soot on the floor from a small kitchen fire

A small home fire may not destroy the structure but often it will fill the home with smoke and soot. The soot on this floor was extreme and in order to show just how bad it was we wiped a small section before the cleaning began.

Fire Damaged Pantry

A stove eye was left on while the homeowner stepped outside for a brief period of time. The water in a teapot evaporated and caused a fire in the kitchen. The intense heat caused extensive damage.

Smoke gathers near ceiling vent

Smoke from fires can expand to all areas of a home. This room suffered no fire damage but the smoke damage extended throughout the house, on ceilings, windows, doors, fixtures and furniture.

Unloading debris from a large loss

Our Technicians, Shawn and Colten, returned to the shop after a tiring day but the work didn't stop at the job site. This picture is a prime example or our TEAM work.

At the End of the Day

Crew Chief, LaRon and Technicians, Joan and Christie know all too well that the day is not done when you leave the job site. Often the debris is returned and placed in the dumpsters at our facility.