Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

When is a fire extinguisher NOT a good thing to have on hand

We have been contacted more than once to clean after vandals decided to break into a building and pull the pin on a fire extinguisher. The chemical powder land... READ MORE

Polar Vortex

Extreme cold temperatures and icy conditions has caused numerous water damages in our area. The water went unnoticed in many businesses that were closed over th... READ MORE

The check is in the mail

Our sales representative recently visited a business where she was told by the owner that the carpet in one of his offices needed replaced. He said it wasn&rsq... READ MORE

Let it Shine

Our local area laundromat suffered a fire due to an electrical problem. Luckily the Fire Department was able to quickly extinguish the fire in the ceiling cavit... READ MORE

Vandalism at a Church

This Church in Richwood, WV was sadly vandalized including five fire extinguishers being emptied within the building spreading the fine powder in the entire bui... READ MORE

We Clean Ductwork

Consider the following situations when trying to decide whether or not to have your Air Ducts Cleaned: Have you done any home renovations or remodeling proje... READ MORE