If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (304) 253-6633

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Vengeful Appliances Can Ignite Residential Fires. SERVPRO of Beckley Remediates the Damage.

When sparks fly from people, it might be love. When sparks fly from appliances, it’s clearly dangerous. Whatever the cause, a fire in your home can leave behind more smoke and other damage than you can handle alone. At SERVPRO® of Beckley, our team members have substantial training and experience in the restoration of property after fire damage, and our emergency services are always available.

SERVPRO of Beckley                                                          304-253-6633

Statisticians, nerds that they are, like to point out that “rare events happen rarely” – to which most people respond, “thanks, Sherlock.” Nonetheless, rare events do happen. For example, household appliances can malfunction and cause fires that may spread throughout the home. Even when the fires are easily contained, the damage is often carried throughout the entire house. Cleanup and damage remediation from fire and smoke are more difficult than most people expect, and you’ll have much better results if you call a professional property-restoration company than if you try to handle the work on your own. Call us -- SERVPRO of Beckley – any time.

We are:

  • Highly trained in the restoration of property after fire and related damage (such as water or debris)
  • On call for emergency service 24 hours a day, every day – of course we include holidays, that’s the point of writing “every day”
  • Available online, phone, or text at 304-253-6633
  • Certified by our nonprofit governing body, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
  • Always Faster to any size disaster – no job is either too small or too large for SERVPRO of Beckley

Appliances May Cause Fires in Your Home

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), most residential fires start because of lapses in attention while cooking. There are, however, fires that start because of electrical malfunctions or lack of care.

For example:

Dishwashers – we associate dishwashers with gallons of water, but the heat that dries the dishes is intense. Old or faulty elements can start a fire. Dishwashers save water and get dishes cleaner than handwashing, but to be on the safe side, don’t use heated drying if the machine is old and you will not be home.

Dryers – Cleaning the lint trap should be a normal part of your laundry cycle.

Refrigerators – An appliance that keeps food cold doesn’t seem a likely culprit, but overheated compressors or electrical shorts are possible hazards. If the fridge sounds like it’s straining, get it checked ASAP.

Toasters or Ovens – Electric shorts can happen even when you aren’t using them, but thankfully, it’s rare. 

SERVPRO of Beckley: Full-Service Company

We take care of everything – from the initial assessment through the final coats of paint during home restoration.

Regardless of how a fire starts, the damage can be tough to handle. Our professionals have the training and experience to make the damage “Like it never even happened.”

We’re here for you.


If you refer to your truck as “she” or say things like, “My car -- he’s old but reliable,” you’re using prosopopoeia, or personification, to give human characteristics to an inanimate object. Our SERVPRO of Beckley trucks are all friendly and trustworthy.

SERVPRO of Beckley