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CE Class 2019

Insurance Agents at our 2019 CE Class

Jason Gossett, Continuing Education Specialist with SERVPRO Industries, once again made our Continuing Education Class a huge success. We had a good turnout at Black Knight Country Club for both the Morning and Afternoon Classes.

During my periodic visits to the insurance companies the attendees are still talking about how much they learned mainly because Jason keeps them involved and anxious to hear what he will say next. Music to my ears as this is my favorite event of the year. A great group of people all in one room having a really good time in what could potentially be a boring situation. Trust me – it was not boring.  

We took 45 minutes between classes to enjoy a delicious lunch provided by Black Knight Country Club. An added delight was the mounds of fruit with dip, cookies and beverages that were available from early morning and continued until the last class was completed.

One of our professionals while making an initial contact

All SERVPRO Franchises operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter what day or time your emergency happens you can call 304-253-6633 or the National Call Center at 1-800-SERVPRO. Within an hour one of our quality teammates will contact you to arrange for service.

IICRC Certificate

"The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certifies and sets the standards for the cleaning and restoration industries. Our Professionals study IICRC standards and best practices in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses."

A Dry Cleaning Sponge doing a great job in Peterstown,WV

Our TEAM has the experience, training, and access to the right equipment and supplies to clean up after a fire.

This is a dry cleaning sponge made from natural rubber. The sponge has many uses but it is ideal for removing smoke and soot from acoustic tiles, walls, and ceilings.

Hail may cause danger to homes

After a Hail Storm don’t just worry about your vehicle you need to examine your home as well.

Hail can cause roof damage and may go unnoticed until days later when water marks appear on your inside ceilings and walls.

Windows and door glass can crack or break allowing moisture inside your home.

A quite summer evening turns into devastation

This fire was started by a candle. The home owner stepped inside to answer the phone but failed to return back to the deck to extinguish the flame. The candle toppled from a table outside to the wooden deck.

Prompt Professional Service is a MUST

If you are ever faced with water intrusion we encourage you to contact us promptly to do the removal and dehumidification. You may think you have extracted all the water and everything is dry but beware of what may be growing in places you can’t see.  

Let the professional’s with the knowledge, equipment and right cleaning products protect your property from further damage.

L&S Toyota is Emergency Ready

This Beckley dealership has an Emergency Ready Profile at their fingertips. They have an immediate plan of action to help minimize business interruption.  

"Are you ready for whatever could happen"

SERVPRO of Beckley can do a no cost assessment of your commercial property.

Raging Waters in Richwood, WV

May 2018 thunderstorms brought rivers, creeks and even the smallest streams to flood stages in several towns throughout West Virginia and Virginia.

Property owners that had never experienced flooding issues before now have a better understanding of the devastation water can cause.

High Winds Uproot Tree

During a storm that brought high winds a tree was uprooted and fell on this home.  A hole was pierced in the roof by one of the tree branches. Rain poured into the attic and puddled in the ceiling of this room.

Exhaust Fan Ignites

This is the view thru the roof in a bathroom after an exhaust fan caught fire. The insurance adjuster classified the cause as an “electrical malfunction”.   Luckily the house was saved and no injuries were reported.

Water main break floods business

This picture was taken once the water was extracted and the tile floors removed. An anti-microbial agent is being applied to a concrete floor after a water main break completely flooded the first floor in this building.

Floor covered with mud and water from storm runoff

The first employee to walk into work on Monday morning was stunned to see mud and water all over the office. It happened after a severe thunderstorm accompanied with a tremendous amount of precipitation hit our area over the weekend.

Tank burst while the family is out of town

This toilet tank in the 3rd story bathroom broke while the family was out of town for a weekend.

Thousands of gallons of water spilled into every level of this three story home.

Cleaning stairs in a vacation rental

A crew chief demonstrates to a new technician how to properly clean stairs at the first of many cabins we cleaned. The process can be hard on the body so pads are worn to protect the knees. 

Ceiling tiles may be hiding more than you want to know

During a remodeling project a business found their rafters engulfed with lint and dust when the drop ceiling tiles were removed.

The owner was impressed with our teams cleaning performance so he used our services for the post-construction clean up as well.

Soot on the floor from a small kitchen fire

A small home fire may not destroy the structure but often it will fill the home with smoke and soot. The soot on this floor was extreme and in order to show just how bad it was we wiped a small section before the cleaning began.

A closed house can be a feeding ground for mold

Mold needs water and warmth to thrive.  Turn the water off but keep the electricity on. Windows and doors will be shut so it is important to leave the air-conditioner on. The air conditioner can work as a dehumidifier to cut down mold growth.

Mold forms inside an air tight storage room

Summer is finally here and it’s time to pull out all of our summer toys. Please be sure that your water toys are completely dry before being placed in storage. The moisture and lack of air circulation can cause mold to develop inside the room.

The mirror reflects the water damage in the carpet

Our Marketing representative was humiliated when she had to call in her own team members to mitigate a water damage. She knew the risk of a faulty water heater but failed to check on it periodically. 

Meter-Meter on the wall where's the wettest of them all?

We are checking the moisture content of the drywall.  The carpet and pad were saturated and pulled immediately. The drywall was tested at various heights to determine the amount of drywall to be cut out.

Heading to a commercial water loss

Early one morning our vehicles were lined up heading in the same direction to a commercial water loss. Well, except Rick in the Chevrolet truck - Rick gets a little turned around sometimes.

When up comes down

Imagine getting up in the morning to get ready for work and you open your closet door to find the ceiling on the floor! This was caused by a water pipe that froze during the 2018 Ice Storm.

Tornadoes surprise small WV town in 2014

This house was surrounded by fallen trees but only one fell on it during a rare tornado in Southern West Virginia. The homeowner had minimal damage to her structure but suffered a massive loss of timber.

Water Damage in Snowbird's Home

One of our elderly residents spent the winter in warmer Florida as she has done for years. She returned home to find her residence saturated.

The normal moisture content for drywall should be 8 – 10 you can see her wall read 78.1 when we arrived.  

Game Room turned into a Wade Room overnight

This winter as residents began to somewhat relax from extreme cold weather if you listened closely you could hear the sighs of relief.

Then the snow began to fall but we were able to measure in inches not feet, again sighs of relief. 

Then, BOOM!, the temperatures rose and the rains came. Our ground became saturated and the water intrusions began.  

Bitter Storm = Property Damage

Mother Nature brought below average temperatures to Southern WV in early 2018.  It seemed that water pipes were freezing and bursting inside of homes no matter how well they were insulated.

This is a pocket of water between the drywall and the paint that formed after a pipe burst upstairs.

Did you know we clean furniture?

Spring was finally here and one of our local Resorts was booked for the weekend.  The maid service walked in one of the rentals to find fire extinguisher debris throughout the entire Cabin. 

We were contacted to do the clean up. This is just one piece of furniture that was affected.

Team Work

Renting a cabin for the weekend in the mountains is popular in our area. When we are expected to get a business up and running our crew pulls together to get the job done quickly. 


This picture was taken at a Post-Construction cleaning job we did at a University. Our crew misses no space or object. On a large commercial job each team member is given a specific cleaning assignment for every room. 

Fire Damaged Pantry

A stove eye was left on while the homeowner stepped outside for a brief period of time. The water in a teapot evaporated and caused a fire in the kitchen. The intense heat caused extensive damage.

Smoke gathers near ceiling vent

Smoke from fires can expand to all areas of a home. This room suffered no fire damage but the smoke damage extended throughout the house, on ceilings, windows, doors, fixtures and furniture.

Mold to the Max

Mold growth in a vacant home that went unseen for months. We encourage anyone that has a structure for sale or rent to drop by the property often to inspect for water damages.

The "Producer"

We are excited to let you know about this 2017 Toyota Tacoma that was added to our fleet in March 2018. Our Production Manager is going to find plenty of use for this one.

Health and Safety

One of our Brochures says “SERVPRO Franchise Professionals work to control and remove mold contaminants while protecting the health and safety of building occupants”.

We are concerned for our community and want to make sure our neighbors are healthy and safe. But we care about our employees too. This is why you may often see them in protective gear when working in potentially hazardous conditions.

Mold is Everywhere

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated “It is impossible to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment”

EPA also stated “Mold Growth can be controlled indoors by controlling moisture indoors”.

SERVPRO Franchises deal with water intrusion every day – the typical property owner does not. Do not hesitate to contact us if you see visible mold or smell musty odors in your home or business.

When is Water a bad thing?

Mold growth in our home or business can be caused by the following water intrusions:

  • Poor humidity control
  • Plumbing failure
  • Equipment failure
  • Long-standing leaks
  • Storm Damage

If you have a water intrusion it is important that you contact a qualified Indoor Air Quality/Environmental Professional.   

Humidity and moisture levels must be returned to normal as soon as possible to prevent mold spores from growing and multiplying.

The "Estimator"

Our Estimator must go to a majority of the job sites so he drives a lot of miles and on WV Mountains and Valleys. The Toyota Rav was chosen due to its fuel efficiency, all-wheel drive and interior space.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

For every job the equipment and supplies needed are different. This is some of our Team as they discuss what needs loaded into the vehicles headed to a Laundry Mat after a fire damage.

2017 Addition to our Fleet for the Reconstruction Team

Once the decision was made to begin reconstruction,experienced employees were hired and this work horse was purchased. Our dump truck is serving us well not only in the building services portion of our business but we also utilize it on Fire & Water Cleanup jobs.

Christmas Dinner 2015

Our crew and families enjoying an after-hours Christmas dinner. The TEAM members work side by side all week long but rarely get a chance to enjoy hanging out with one another.


We use this Santa Fe to transport our Crew members or equipment to job sites. We are pleasantly surprised how well this one goes on ice and snow and rough terrain.

Box Truck

This Truck is one of the most important vehicles in our fleet of Service vehicles. We don't know what we would do if the Box Truck wasn't in our fleet. 


This Van doubles as an equipment hauler and a crew taxi. You can always find this one on our large loss claims that require a lot of equipment and crew to complete the job.

Wrapped Up

Our Sales Representative can go many miles on a tank of gas in this Hybrid Toyota Prius. You definitely can't miss this one as she travels around Southern West Virginia.

Mid Size Cargo Van

One more important member of our fleet that can be used to haul equipment and crew. We depend on this one especially when several pieces of equipment needs taken to a job site.

Ram ProMaster

The 2016 Ram ProMaster with truck mount is a welcomed addition to our Fleet of Vehicles. A truck mount is pretty much the heart of any fire and water job we do.

We all Pitch In

We caught our Production Manager in the act. It has been a busy winter and Rick was kind enough to join in on the cleaning. We can always depend on him to "pitch in".

Unloading debris from a large loss

Our Technicians, Shawn and Colten, returned to the shop after a tiring day but the work didn't stop at the job site. This picture is a prime example or our TEAM work.

At the End of the Day

Crew Chief, LaRon and Technicians, Joan and Christie know all too well that the day is not done when you leave the job site. Often the debris is returned and placed in the dumpsters at our facility.

Paperwork and Drybook

Our Estimator, Robert and Crew Chief, Lloyd got together to discuss the important details on a large loss claim. They have to get the information "Just Right" before handing the documentation off to the office manager.

Put me in Coach

Lloyd and LaRon volunteer a lot of their time to the youth in our community. In this picture it appears LaRon is waiting to be put in the game but was actually taken while they were coaching a youth Basketball team.

Give me a Break

We had a rare occasion one afternoon where some of our TEAM members arrived back to the shop early! WOW finally a break - except for one of our technicians, Sidney. He drew the short straw and was awarded the prize of cleaning the carpet in our shop.