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Lightning can start a fire in a flash

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Lightning can start a fire in a flash It is estimated that a lightning bolt’s temperature can reach 50,000 degrees

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions are examples of a natural disaster. Just like other natural disasters lightning strikes are inconsistent. Your home may be struck but the neighbor beside you will be left untouched. Lightning causes major damage to property, structures, vehicles, and household items each year. 

A lightning strike to your home will make an explosive sound so loud and powerful that everything in your house shakes.  Call 911 immediately.

You may not see flames or smoke so you may not realize right away that your house is on fire. The fire may hide in the inside walls or the attic space. The fire department can determine if there is a hidden fire. If they conclude there is not a fire then the next step is to contact a qualified electrical company to do an electrical diagnosis of your homes wiring.

Mold growth in ceiling from water intrusion

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold growth in ceiling from water intrusion A very small water leak in the bathroom above this room went unnoticed for several weeks.

This property was for sale and the realtor found the problem on a visit to show a potential buyer. The realtor contacted us and during our initial visit our estimator recommended that an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) be contracted to inspect and test the mold.

Our recommendation was passed on to the home owner and they immediately contacted an IEP for testing.  Within just a few days the IEP developed a protocol, environmental controls, and technical specifications along with detail how remediation was to be conducted during our project.

SERVPRO of Beckley followed all of the guidelines set by the IEP. When we finished the IEP returned for the post remediation sampling. Based on the results of total spore air sampling surveys they determined the mold remediation was successfully completed.

A water leak in your home may be from the refrigerator

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage A water leak in your home may be from the refrigerator This small plastic water line caused a very costly water damage claim.

If you find water on your floor in the kitchen and cannot find a leak at the sink or dishwasher the next place to check is the refrigerator.  More than likely the water-line connections to the ice maker is the source.

The water-line can come loose, the seals can age and crack, or the plastic hoses can tear or get kinked. Depending on the circumstances you may have to simply tighten the connections. If you continue to see water dripping down the line to the floor both the water line and connectors may have to be replaced.

Other places on your refrigerator to check is a blocked defrost drain, a poor connection between the water filter and the water supply, or the drain pan may have cracks or damage.

Safety Tips for setting up your Gas Grill

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Safety Tips for setting up your Gas Grill A gas grill set up too close to an exterior wall caused siding to melt and smoke damage inside the home.

Damaging fires from grills are more common than you may think.  Here are some tips on how you can protect your family and home from a harmful fire before you fire up the grill.

First purchase a fire extinguisher to keep close to the grill. Water will not put out a grease fire it will actually spread the fire.  Make sure the grill is assembled properly and remember gas grills are fueled by liquid propane that requires special handling and storage.

Another important decision is where the safest place to set up the grill is.  NEVER cook inside your home and NEVER cook inside you garage or on your covered porch. Set up away from tree limbs, and keep 10 feet away from your outside walls and deck railing (unless the manufacturer’s instructions say it can be closer).  

Sometimes no matter how careful you are accidents happen. If your gas grill catches on fire and you have smoke or soot damage inside your home you can count on SERVPRO Franchise Professionals to respond quickly.

Mold can be found in unimaginable places

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold can be found in unimaginable places The homeowner looked for days trying to find why her bathroom had a musty smell - We found it !

Do you have an odor in your home and you just can’t determine what or where it is? If you can’t visibly see anything then there is a possibility it could be mold. Mold can smell like a musty odor, but it can also smell like earth, fruit, floral, chocolate, sour, oily or spicy.

Mold can be found in places you wouldn’t imagine. Under your flooring whether it be carpet, vinyl, or linoleum. It can be beneath your floorboards, wallpaper, even in the insulation inside the walls or above in the ceiling.  Mold is often found underneath or behind cabinets and appliances. It’s not unusual for us to find it in the attic, crawlspace, and in your HVAC System.

If you have looked and looked and can’t find what’s causing that smell, contact SERVPRO of Beckley today. We have trained professionals and the right equipment to figure out where your odor is coming from.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Our crew’s health and safety is a huge priority for us it’s not just an OSHA regulation.

We hope you are never faced with a mold problem but if you are and use SERVPRO of Beckley you can expect our team to be dressed in “Personal Protective Equipment”. Please do not be alarmed or offended.

The following are excerpts from the “OSHA ‘s Mold Safety & Health Topics”

Any remediation work that disturbs mold and causes mold spores to become airborne increases the degree of respiratory exposure. Actions that tend to disperse mold include: breaking apart moldy porous materials such as wallboard; destructive invasive procedures to examine or remediate mold growth in a wall cavity; removal of contaminated wallpaper by stripping or peeling; using fans to dry items or ventilate areas.

The primary function of personal protective equipment is to prevent the inhalation and ingestion of mold and mold spores and to avoid mold contact with the skin or eyes. The following sections discuss the various types of PPE that may be used during remediation activities.

Gloves protect the skin from contact with mold, as well as from potentially irritating cleaning solutions.

To protect your eyes, use Properly fitted goggles or a Full Face Piece Respirator. Respirators protect cleanup workers from inhaling airborne mold, contaminated dust, and other particulates that are released during the remediation process.

Protective Clothing -While conducting building inspections and remediation work, individuals may encounter hazardous biological agents as well as chemical and physical hazards. Consequently, appropriate personal protective clothing (i.e., reusable or disposable) is recommended to minimize cross-contamination between work areas and clean areas, to prevent the transfer and spread of mold and other contaminants to street clothing, and to eliminate skin contact with mold and potential chemical exposures.

4th of July "Innocent" Danger

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 4th of July "Innocent" Danger PLEASE protect small children and your home as you celebrate the 4th of July

PLEASE protect small children and your home as you celebrate the 4th of July Celebrations next week.

Did you know that those little SPARKLERS we expose small children to are the most frequent cause of firework injuries? These seemingly innocent little sparklers burn at temperatures of up to 1800 degrees. This type of intense heat mixed with fabric can ignite flames in just seconds.

In an article written on July 1, 2016 by the Boston Globe – Metro:

             “Last year, (2015) emergency rooms around the country treated an average of 267 fireworks-related injuries per day in the 30-day span between June 19 and July 19. The majority of people who are injured are male and most are in their early 20s or younger. In fact, one in five people injured are 9 years old or younger.”

The article categorized the injuries by the type of “firework” devices. The “All other Devices” category accounted for 44% of pyrotechnics injuries and the seemingly innocent sparkler caused a 22% of those!

Please stop and think about the dangers before you buy. Instead of purchasing sparklers seriously consider entertaining the young children with a piñata, confetti popper, balloons filled with confetti, noise maker, or my personal favorite - glow in the dark toys.

A surprising amount of water can flow through little pipes

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage A surprising amount of water can flow through little pipes This little pipe caused BIG problems

In February 2016 I did a blog titled “Little Thing – BIG Problem” about the importance of keeping water pipes warm.  I never imagined that almost exactly two years later our crew would be working on a major water damage that involved this very little water pipe.

The homeowner told me her parents had suffered a water loss caused by a water line break and she didn’t want to go through what they had. So she was doing everything she knew to do to keep her water pipes from freezing inside the home during this unusually cold winter. 

She forgot about the water pipes in an empty apartment above her detached garage until she headed to work on a Monday morning.  She found her vehicles covered with debris from the collapsed garage ceiling and several inches of water covering the floor.

You may be the Lucky one after all

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage You may be the Lucky one after all Flood waters recede now the cleanup begins

The flood waters have receded and the water is extracted but the work is only about to begin. The floors have to be cleaned to get rid of mud, rocks, and other various debris.  Drywall may have to be removed along with furniture, kitchen cabinets, and other contents. Then the reconstruction will have to begin.  All of this process can be overwhelming.

When faced with these circumstances it is important that you constantly remind yourself that you are the lucky one.  Your home is still standing.  It wasn’t washed downstream or even off its foundation.  So often many people are not so lucky. They can’t find not only their belongings they may never find the remnants of their home.

By allowing SERVPRO of Beckley to assist you during times like this you will again see how lucky you are. Our TEAM is trained to get the job done quickly, accurately and to show you deep respect and compassion.    

Check Weather Forecast daily

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Check Weather Forecast daily WV Residents and Guest - This is the time of year to be prepared for flood events.

West Virginia residents expect winters in our state to bring several inches of snow and very frigid temperatures. What we often forget is how our summer season can bring large amounts of rain causing deadly floods.

11 of the deadliest floods in our state occurred in the following months. For more information:

                1 in February

                1 in November

                1 in September

                2 in June

                2 in August

                4 in July

July is here!

SERVPRO of Beckley wants to remind our residents and visitors to check weather forecast daily. Know the difference from a watch and a warning:

 “A flash flood watch means a flash flood is possible in the area, because conditions are more favorable than usual for its occurrence. ... A flash flood warning means a flash flood is imminent or occurring; take immediate action to protect life and property.”