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PROOF - Emergency Ready Plan Prevents Permanent Damage

8/28/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial PROOF - Emergency Ready Plan Prevents Permanent Damage Mullens Middle School built around 1930 escapes major water damage

From the fall of 2016 and continuing through the spring of 2017, Emergency Ready Profiles were completed for 33 facilities owned by the WV Wyoming County Board of Education. The maintenance director took a great interest in our proposal and personally took us to each building and shut off. 

In August 2017 I received the following email from him:

"The school was Mullens Middle. It was built around 1930 and has much of the original plumbing. The principal called me one afternoon to report a water line had ruptured in the wall of her office near the water cooler. She was needing help to stem the flow of water flooding her office. The custodian was on the ground floor directly below looking for a valve to turn the water off. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t remember off hand were the main water valve was at. I immediately went to your folder and grabbed the map. The valve was located in the boiler room and I relayed the information to the custodian who had the water off in no time. Since this all happened in a matter of minutes we were able to extract the water from the carpet and mop the floor leaving no permanent damage. Thank you again for taking time to help us identify all of our shut offs!!!!”

2017 CE Class

6/12/2017 (Permalink)

General 2017 CE Class A GREAT turnout for the 2017 CE Class

Thanks to all those that attended our Continuing Education Class on May 9, 2017. We had over 50 agents in attendance, some as far away as Marlinton, WV and Iaeger, WV.  

We want to thank the following for making this class such a success:

Jason - our CE instructor:  He did a great job teaching and explaining the special procedures used by professionals in mitigating and restoring fire damage claims for the insured.  As we personally delivered the certificates, everybody expressed how much they enjoy him teaching our class every year.  One of them commented that he is never boring and keeps them hanging on to every word he says.

Holiday Inn & Suites Beckley: They were amazing to work with from the initial contact to the end of the class, providing immediate attention to even the most minor concern.

KEM’S Catering: The assortment of Meats, Cheeses, Breads, Fruit, etc. was utterly delicious. Their Lunch Buffet variety was much more than we anticipated.

They said its "unlikely"

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Community They said its "unlikely" The Greenbrier Old White TPC Hole 1

Jim Justice purchased the Greenbrier Resort in May 2009. In an “unlikely” amount of time, only 14 months later, he brought the PGA to West Virginia. This golf tournament has become one of our State’s largest events and has generated a lot of revenue for the area.

From 2010 through 2015 the tournament days and nights were filled with entertaining activities such as Youth Day, Pairings Party, PRO-AM, and Concerts. But in 2016 the PGA Tour’s Greenbrier Classic was cancelled due to the devastating flooding that tore through White Sulphur Springs, WV the home of the Greenbrier Resort.

Go to this link  to see pictures of the condition of the course in June 2016. The photos show why an article in GOLFWEEK dated July 8, 2016 questioned the tournaments future.  “If the greens can’t be re-seeded by Sept. 15, the 2017 tournament is unlikely to be held either.”

“Unlikely” is what Jim Justice often does.  The debris was removed, greens were reseeded in time, bunker work, sodding of tees, all done in time for:

The Greenbrier Classic  July 3 – 9, 2017

Preparedness Fair - 2017

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Community Preparedness Fair - 2017 Get your free HOME EMERGENCY BOOKLET

Don’t wait until it is too late; prepare now to help protect your family in an emergency or disaster situation!

Visit the SERVPRO of Beckley Booth at the 2017 Raleigh County “Emergency Preparedness Fair”

Saturday May 13, 2017 from 11:00am – 3:30 pm


501 Neville Street, Beckley, WV 25801

Stop by for a free “Home Emergency Booklet” that includes:

  • Family Emergency Communication Plan

  • Emergency Supply Kit Checklist

  • Home Evacuation Plan

  • Emergency Fire & Water Damage Tips

  • Home Contents Claim Inventory

  • Emergency Contact Wallet Cards

Worried about Business Interruption Following a Disaster? Do you want to Plan for it now? Come on over to our booth to discuss The SERVPRO Emergency READY profile, a no cost assessment of you facility. Yes you read that correctly – NO COST!

The Raleigh County Board of Education recognizes the importance of being prepared. In 2016 Emergency Ready Profiles were developed for all of their facilities. Join them by having a preparedness plan in place for your business or government facility.


3/17/2017 (Permalink)

Community WEST VIRGINIA MINERS BASEBALL Thank you, Doug & Linda Epling, for your "Gift to the Community"

Come on out this season and support WV Miners Baseball for a day full of “good, clean family entertainment”.

When I think about what makes me proud to be a part of the Beckley and surrounding areas, one of my first images is the Linda K Epling Stadium, home of WV Miners Baseball.  It’s not so much about the facility but the story behind it. 

On their website I read the media news archive titled “BECKLEY, WV BASEBALL: A BIT OF AN ANOMALY”. I emotionally connected with this article.  I too am a proud mother of sons that played baseball. Those practices and games were some of the best times our family had together.

For years I said that if I ever hit the Lottery I would build a nice baseball facility for young men. So I found it rather ironic that Mrs. Linda K Epling had the same vision and fortunately was able to fulfill her dream – three times. Click on this link for details.




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Storm Damage SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER Prevent seeing water disbursed all over your basement floor!

We want to give you a few tips before the impending spring rains hit Southern West Virginia.  As the temperatures climb and you just have to get outside to enjoy the warmer weather, make your first venture out a productive one.

Take a look at your Roof to see if you have any shingles missing or other damages the winter winds may have caused. Don’t forget to clean the Gutters while you are on the ladder.  How about those underground or exterior Drains?

The winter could have wreaked havoc on your Siding or the exterior Paint.  Because of the mountainous terrain most of us have basements so check for Cracks in the Block or Foundation.  Remember to check the Caulking around doors and windows.

If you have managed to survive the winter without water entering your House or Business, make it a point to keep them dry this spring and summer too.


3/16/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage WATER HEATERS CAUSE MAJOR PROPERTY DAMAGE Don't let an appliance disrupt your normal everyday life.

HOT WATER HEATER – How did we survive before its invention? It’s a must have to make life easier.

Unfortunately, the water from a faulty water heater can cause major damage to our homes and businesses. We recommend that you regularly check your water heater and its pipes, including the area behind and beneath it.

Some things to look for? Indications of leaks, corrosion, and even signs of mold. If you see anything that looks out of the normal – shut-off the cold water line coming into the heater or shut-off the main water line. Contact a plumber or appliance specialist immediately.

Replacing or repairing this appliance may be an expense you were not anticipating but the investment can save not only money, it can save you the anxiety of dealing with this type of loss.



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Fire Damage NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF HOME FIRES – COOKING It will be days, maybe weeks, before you can cook in this Kitchen.

Talk with any family that has gone through the experience of a house fire and they will be able to describe one of the most devastating experiences of their lives. House fires cause destruction, injury and sadly deaths.  Tragic accidents happen - precaution can prevent an accident.

Here are 4 basic suggestions for prevention:

  • Stay in the Kitchen while using the stove top

  • Frequently check the oven while baking or roasting

  • Cooking utensils should be the only items near the stove.

I have a personal experience to share. While preparing Thanksgiving Dinner I had placed wax paper over my dinner rolls while they were raising. When I moved them from the counter towards the oven a corner of the paper grazed the flame on my gas burner. I was shocked at how quick the fire ignited and how high the flames were. We were fortunate that no damage or injury occurred.   

For more Stove Top and Oven safety tip visit:


3/16/2017 (Permalink)

General ATTENTION: INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL We had a great attendence at the May 2016 Class

On May 9, 2017, SERVPRO of Beckley will offer an Insurance Course Credit: 4 Hours - Course Number: 102293-WV, 211355-VA

This course has been specifically designed to teach and explain the special procedures used by professionals in mitigating and restoring fire damage claims for the insured. The purpose of the course is to provide you, the insurance professional, with a better understanding of the work performed by the mitigation vendor at fire damage work sites. You will learn emergency tips which can drastically reduce the cost of the claim if performed in a timely manner. We will demonstrate examples of work performed to mitigate fire damage. This course will help you better understand what your insured is going through when they have fire damage.


Contact us at 304-253-6633 for further information. 



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Mold Remediation SELLING YOUR HOME? DON'T REMODEL UNTIL YOU READ THIS Look what was found in the Laundry Room as appliances were being removed!

Mold and mildew have become a BIG concern. Most home Buyers will search the internet to see what is important when purchasing a home. A majority of web sites list “leaks, dampness, water damage, mold, mildew” in the top 10 list of things to look for.

The Seller should pull out that washer and dryer – dishwasher – refrigerator, look around the water heater, window sills, doors, bathtubs,  on the base of cabinets -  ANYWHERE there is a water source - to inspect the areas for moisture.

Since the buyer will be on the lookout for these types of issues, we encourage the seller to have their home ready for the inspection. Any money set aside for an upgrade may have to be spent on “problems” as opposed to “remodeling”.